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viagra sales tadalafil times;”> ferreira

cialis sales sick times;”>The first picture is that of Romi Ferreira, the TV talk show host and Attorney.  That is a picture of him after coming out from under the colonoscopy, having done a colonoscopy and had two polyps removed.  There is a campaign on colon cancer which is going on now and people over forty are being encouraged to get it done.  Except we don’t need to hear the gory details.  Next thing you know we will be seeing the scope as it winds its way through the back passage.  The second picture is of Teej Grant, another radio personality, who posted on 27th March this message about his innards: “Got my first colon hydrotherapy session today. Wasn’t bad even though I thought it would be! I can’t tell you how much waste and parasites came out of me, but it was scary! Cheers (my glass of water) to a healthier me! @edenwellnessspa was sure professional! Very impressed!”

teejgrantThis is part of the fashion that if you clean out your colon every once in a while there will be great health benefits.  We believe the only benefit, if there is one, is that of the psychological; that you have spent your money and you feel relieved.  The health benefits are certainly questionable and it may in fact be harmful.  This is the modern equivalent of those awful times when the baby boom generation used to get a dose of castor oil on Saturdays just before school opened.  A lot of nonsense, cramping and discomfort with no benefit.  Our point here though is that in the age when privacy goes out the window with all these open public postings about private matters, how can we complain when others appear to violate the general respect for privacy which now seems to pervade the country?   All this stuff is highly personal, yet people have it on the web.  Then the society complains when the general standard of privacy is violated.  The now infamous case where the young policemen EJ slept with these women and exposed it all on a video which was posted all over Facebook.  The society was livid and protested invasion.  One supposes the idea is that it was done without permission and after all privacy is about the ability to protect and own and release information about oneself as you determine.  Our point is that there ought to be more than a legal standard here and that is propriety

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. With the greatest of respect if you want to clean out your innards how does that get to be the business of the public.  Anyway this is a new time.