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cialis canada recipe times;”>(Photo of Minister Khaalis Rolle, Ryan Pinder and Fred Mitchell in Cuba on what will probably turn out to be Ryan Pinder’s last trip officially as a Minister of the government overseas on Tuesday 8th December.  The photo is by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services.


Ryan Pinder, the Minister of Financial Services, has indicated to the Prime Minister Perry Christie that he intends to resign from ministerial office at the end of the year.  This is a sad development for the government.  It loses one of its smartest and most dynamic and imaginative members at a  crucial time in the life of the administration.  That was the news which greeted MPs as they returned to work at the House on Wednesday 10th December.   The immediate question and speculation from friend and foe alike was why.  The easy and truthful answer is economics.  The country is determined not to give proper attention to the issue of the level of benefits and compensation that it gives Members of Parliament.  A limited set of reforms suggested by a House Select Committee on Benefits and Allowances was rejected because of a hue and cry raised in the public domain.  What will continue to happen is that people will come to public life attracted to serve but find out that they will go broke in the process.  If you have a  young family, the best you can do  is be a backbencher and hope that if you are on the right side you can parlay that into the income which is required to keep you going.  It is merciless. Fred Mitchell MP when he spoke to the issue on the moving of the request for a select committee to investigate the matter remembered his maternal cousin Sammy Isaacs who was impoverished as a result of serving one term as a Member of the House of Assembly from 1956 to 1962.  In speaking to the issue of Mr

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. Pinder’s resignation, he said this on Wednesday 10th December: “We have inherited a broken system where MPs are hobbled in their work and it needs fixing. In this climate, there is no support for it. So we may live and leave yet another generation disabled by public service, left impecunious and down on their luck in death if we do not fix it.” 


We agree with the sentiment and say that early in the term, the political capital could have been spent to fix it but we are now facing a general election and  the bite is becoming apparent and some people have decided that  now is the time to try and make a personal decision to fix their own circumstances.  That is how urgent and critical it is.


When the Cabinet conducts its business next year, there will be a change in the chemistry of how it operates.  A voice for business and for young people will be missing, gone to the private sector.  It just won’t be the same.  While there is nothing you can do about these things because everyone must act in their own best interest, it is an important moment to pause and see how those who are left to carry on in the Cabinet can so fix their business that they will improve the lives of their citizens and improve their ability to do their jobs.  Ryan Pinder will be missed and we wish him well.