Sam Duncombe Award Is A National Joke

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Anne Marie Bain, Political Specialist, US Embassy; Ms. Marva Jervis and Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson, former Woman of Courage (WOC) honourees; Mrs. Fotini “Sam” Tsavousis-Duncombe, U.S. Embassy Nassau’s 2018 WOC honouree; Mr. Douglas Sun, Chief Political and Economic Section, US Embassy Nassau along with Mrs. Rosa Mae Bain, The Hon. Janet Bostwick and Ms. Andrea Archer, past WOC award recipients.

The United States Government on Wednesday 7 March presented Sam Duncombe with an award on International Women’s Day. Sam Duncombe runs an organization called Re-Earth and was presented the award was as a nominee for the United States State Department’s International Woman of Courage Award founded by former U S Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The nomination is a mockery. Sam Duncombe’s organization is selective in its environmental zeal When the PLP is in power, they are active and running the PLP’s policies to the ground. When the FNM is in power, they can run over the earth with a tractor and well there is a little peep, but nothing to challenge the status quo. The US Embassy picture of the event showed not one PLP in sight. That should speak volumes.