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There is a political phenomenon called dumping that happens just as there are critical points in the election campaign.  It is used by the other side to break the forward momentum of their opponents.  One such recent example was the release by the FBI Director in the United States of information that suggested he was reopening the case against Hilary Clinton, a case which he had previously announced was closed.  It turned out it was nothing but it broke her momentum.  There are few you can convince that the Director who is a registered Republican in the United States did not do it to help the Republican Party win and break the momentum of the Democrats.  It certainly did that.

So what happened in The Bahamas last week on Thursday 20 April.  During the days before that the press had accused two PLP Ministers AG Allyson Gibson and Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald of having a conflict of interest in dealing with the negotiations for the Bahamar project.  Not so they said.

On 21 April, The Tribune ran with a story saying that Mr. Fitzgerald misled the country when he said had no business interest with Bahamar because they obtained some hacked emails which showed that he was soliciting business for his father’s company while he sat as a minister of the government back in 2014.  He has no interest in his father’s company and so is not a beneficiary.

The FNM ran with it.  Mr. Fitzgerald released his own statement that day pointing out that there was and is no conflict of interest.  The press ran with their own headline the next morning with the headline that he had admitted soliciting business for his father’s company.  His father has been incapacitated for some time due to illness.

Mr. Fitzgerald’s most cogent point: Bahamar is open and he has no contract with Bahamar. End of story now move on.

The FNM dominated press went on about it.  They were assisted by tens of thousands of dollars connected to Fred Smith and Save The Bays, the fake environmental organization that spends money contributed by Louis Bacon, the bitter billionaire of Lyford Cay to destroy the PLP. Remember that the Parliament was told that 8 million dollars passed through Mr. Smith’s law firm’s accounts to fund Save The Bays and if you look at the ads from Transparency and Good Governance and Grand Bahama Human Rights Association and Save The Bays it seems obvious that they are designed, placed and paid for by the same people.

The PLP then is under attack from two monied foreign sources.  One leads back to Sarkis Ismerlian, the bitter developer who bankrupted his Bahamar company twice and lost his life’s work.  He ended up losing the whole thing.  He cannot get it back.  So now he is engaged in potcake behaviour. Nipping at the heels, barking from the safety of the fence.

The Tribune sought to give an elaborate explanation as to how they got the hacked emails.  They said it came from the China Construction Server, that is the company that built Bahamar with which Mr. Ismerlian has a dispute.  China Constriction quickly issued a statement saying that it did not come from their server. So you whistle and we will point at who it came from and who had the interest in trying to break the forward momentum.  The emails were conveniently released the day before the Bahamar opening.

Fred Smith, the QC who has been leading the charge off the pork obtained from Louis Bacon, was quick to issue a statement saying that it was you know the story disgraceful, bad for the reputation of the country but he described it as karma for Save The Bays since he blames Mr. Fitzgerald for exposing the nefarious Save The Bays treachery which he leaked through emails revealed by Mr. Fitzgerald in the House of Assembly.  So you get the picture.

The whole story was a patch up, fix up job from the Ismerlian interests, the Bacon interests, the Fred Smith interests and finally the Free National Movement.  We add them to the mix because they were issuing press statements saying Mr. Fitzgerald should be fired.  Strange that this would come from Dr. Hubert Minnis, the Leader of the FNM, who as Minister of Health, had his ministry rent a building which he owned through a company and never disclosed it until after the fact to the then Prime Minister.  He did not resign and never thought of resigning.

Minnis go fish!

Bottom line, the PLP needs to stay focused and stop getting thrown off by these dumps which the FNM in their absolute desperation will be making until the election takes place on 10 May.  It is all they have.  Let’s win this election.

Oh yes the bitter developer. Sarkis stinks and stinks to high heaven.

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