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Time is running out on the Progressive Liberal Party.  The term is almost at an end and election time with be here in earnest within six months.  That is now the calculation of every enemy of the PLP.  Certainly you have to count the developers of the Bahamar Resort as amongst the enemies.  The Prime Minister Perry Christie made a major announcement about the Bahamar project on 22 August.  Wonder of wonders, viagra sales the Chinese import export bank has agreed to provide presumably the hundreds of million dollars that are needed to finish the project.  The people who were working there and were fired by Sarkis Izmerlian will get their full pay and benefits.  Those who had leases on the property and had them cancelled will get the leases back.  The contractors who were discontinued and left holding the bag will get their money.   All of his Sarkis Izmerlian could not do, nor could his loud mouth and talkative friend Dionysio D’Aguilar who served on the defunct Bahamar board.   Both these men were in the paper last week naysaying the Prime Minister’s announcement of Monday 22 August.    Mr. Izmerlian wanted to know the details.  No you can’t know em.  Suck salt.  Mr. D’Aguilar said the government was dreaming.  Well at least they don’t have to concern themselves with the nightmare of Mr. D’Aguilar.  A commentator made an interesting comment about Mr. D’Aguilar who comes from one of these mulatto families in The Bahamas and typical of that caste they have every criticism in the world about poor black people and the people who represent them but their business depends on poor black people in order to make them the millionaires they are.   He is not a credible spokesman.  So it’s a race against the clock for the PLP.  We say damn the torpedoes and   get this deal done before Mr. Izmerlian and his friends can derail it, which we know they are intent on doing.    To paraphrase Peter Whitehead, one of the contractors who will get their money when they expected never to get it, “Do not blink Mr. Prime Minister” Fuck em.