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Summer has ended, cialis canada remedy and the time has come to ensure that schools on Grand Bahama are ready to receive new and returning students. To this end, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, the Honourable Jerome K. Fitzgerald, viagra sale paid a visit to several schools on the island to check in with contractors and principals on the status of work done during the summer break. This work included repairs, refurbishments or replacements.

Joined by Deputy Director of Education, Sandra Edgecombe, and Superintendent, Dorothy Kemp, the Minister did a walkabout on the following campuses: (1) Catholic High School, (2) Jack Hayward High School, (3) Beacon School, (4) West End Primary School, (5) Holmes’ Rock Primary School, (6) Martin Town Primary School, (7) Eight Mile Rock High School, (8) Bartlett Hill Primary School, (9) Lewis Yard Primary School, (10) Hugh W. Campbell Primary School, (11) Walter Parker Primary School, (12) Freeport Primary School, (13) Maurice Moore Primary School, (14) East End Primary School, (15) St. Georges and (16) Mary P. Russell High School.

Most principals reported that only minor repairs were needed, such as replacing screens and window operators, painting, tiling, replacement of light bulbs, fans, ballasts, doors, bathroom fixtures, cabinets, louvers, and the installation of air conditioning units. The Minister indicated that the contractors are seeking to address all concerns in the shortest possible time

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Overall, the principals spoke positively about this year’s repairs and indicated that the contractors and the community were very supportive. Minister Fitzgerald expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the school repairs thus far on Grand Bahama. He also credited the administration, staff and students for the excellent condition of the campuses and encouraged principals to continue to teach their students to respect each other and their schools’ property, so that they may continue to enjoy comfortable teaching/learning environments.