Sebass Says Adrian Gibson MP And Dionysio D’Aguillar Don’t Know Anything

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Tribune photo 28th March

The Tribune has reported that Sebass Bastian hit back at critics of the sector Minister of Tourism Dionysio D’Aguillar and Adrian Gibson MP for Long Island. The two have been saying in the press that the sector is saturated and that it may have to be pared back.  Mr. Bastian who heads the Gaming Operators Association, said that the research says that these folk don’t know what the heck they are talking about.  He also said that there is a move afoot now by the Association to promote responsible gambling.  The real story is that the FNM wants to wreck the wealth these young black men have in the sector and allow the Bay Street Boys to take the sector over.  Treachery is afoot.

Here is what Mr. Bastian said to The Tribune as reported by Ava Turnquest on 28 March: “A lot of persons make statements with the absence of data and we’re working on a lot of our initiatives right now. We’re (members of the Gaming Operators Association) in the process of launching our responsible gaming programme…but I can say that the industry is working to mitigate any vices that gaming may cause, and we have the data.

“And we’re using it to better tailor our approach to the community in a way that everyone is protected, the patrons, the operators, the regulators. We’ll continue to work with the stakeholders and the regulators to come up with policies and changes to ensure that everybody is protected.”