What’s Happening With The Post Office?

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Frankie Campbell, the Minister responsible for the Post Office, says that the Government has decided that they will buy a building by compulsory purchase on Gladstone Road to house the post office to replace the present building in town which is falling apart.  Mr. Campbell claimed that the cost of repairing the Post Office in Town and the cost of continuing the project started by the PLP to get a new post office was too expensive and they will go their own way.  The problem is he did not disclose what it will cost with their plan.  The PLP warned the Government that what they propose will cost the Bahamian tax payers millions of dollars. Here is the PLPs statement in response to it:

From The Office of The Chairman of The PLP

Statement Responding To The Government’s decisions on The General Post Office

For Immediate Release

29 March 2018

The press has reported that The Bahamas government proposes to purchase by compulsory acquisition a building in Gladstone Road for the General Post Office.

Before the PLP left office last year, a PPP was concluded and work begun on a post office to replace the present building. Millions were expended to prepare the site and begin work.

The FNM cancelled that arrangement and will cause the country millions of dollars in penalties because of the cancellation.

Will the Government please justify its behaviour which on the face of it is irresponsible and costly to the Bahamian public?