Problems With Non-Unionized Environment At Bahamar

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Bahamar will be the largest employer in the tourism sector pretty soon, if the present trend of downsizing by Atlantis continues and the ramping up of the sector continues at Bahamar.  The problem is that Bahamar as a behemoth in the sector does not have a unionized environment.  The Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union has no presence there and no organizing ability.  The Union is down on its back, badly run by the leadership for almost ten years.  The Union is broke and has had no contract in ten years.  The present president is going to step down and fresh elections will be held shortly.  The new president will have a tough job ahead.  At Bahamar, the problem is that people working in housekeeping for example claim that they are being cheated out of their gratuities and proper pay on holidays and on days off.  These need to be investigated by someone.  The problem is when individuals try to seek redress they are dismissed.