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Accident in Eleuthera as a result of the private efforts of citizens to rectify the damage to the Glass Window Bridge. No help from the Government.

Senator Hon. Clay Sweeting

Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government

Press Statement*

17 March 2018

During the weekend of 3rd March 2018, because of extreme weather conditions and 10 to 30 foot surges the Glass Window Bridge was closed. During this time some persons, including locals and tourists encountered the terrible conditions while on the bridge  and were injured.  Unfortunately, the strong weather conditions captured one life, that of a tourist from the United States.  Persons affected are still recovering from their injuries and we wish them well and safe recovery.

For a few days, Eleutherans felt disconnected as during this rage, a channel was cut through, what is known as the ‘Sand Pit,’ north of Gregory Town, and separated the island of Eleuthera.  Many locals have expressed their concern for the island and the structure of the Glass Window Bridge.  There seemed to be no short term or long term plan put in place by the Government to accommodate Government workers, private workers and citizens needing to travel North and South on the island.  Private individuals were using their fishing skiffs to water taxi people from South to North Eleuthera and vice versa.  There was some quarry placed across the channel to provide a small access road for motorists to travel along Eleuthera’s highway.  Unfortunately, this plan was not thoroughly thought through.  Last evening, another unfortunate incident occurred where a driver ran on top of a pile of quarry left on the main highway near the cut through the road.  The truck was severely damaged and the driver had minor cuts and bruises. This serves as a danger and I am deeply concerned for safety of the residents of Eleuthera and it makes you wonder if the Government even has a proper plan to correct this issue.

I call upon the Government to look at constructing a proper plan to temporarily address the road concern in Eleuthera.  People’s lives are at stake!  There must be proper lighting erected around this area, proper markers noting that this particular section is a danger zone and also remove the quarry that is piled on the road.  There should always be a short term and comprehensive long term strategy at times of natural disaster.  I wish to remind the Government that this is an immediate problem and needs immediate action.  We do cannot afford for another life to be lost!