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After just short of four miserable years as the Member of Parliament for Fox Hill, elected in the FNM wave of 2017, Shonel Ferguson has announced that she is leaving the job and will not be running in the next election. So the people of Fox Hill she so badly mistreated and fooled will not have a chance to pronounce judgment on her miserable time in office. She was a complete and abject failure.  She did nothing and nothing goes down to her credit as MP.  She is widely reviled , some would say hated in Fox Hill as someone who was selected with goodwill but turned her nose up at her constituents. So good riddance.  She tried to make it appear that it was a voluntary decision but the truth is the FNM Association executive told the Prime Minister she had to go.  They would not support her.  The FNM Council agreed.  Now the question is who to run. John Pinder, the Director of Labour, is said to be the choice but he told the press that he was waiting to hear whether or not the Government will fix his pension entitlements before he commits to a  run for office. The letter of the outgoing MP follows:

Dear Fox Hill Constituents, 

I write to inform you that l will not be contesting the Fox Hill seat in the upcoming general elections. 

I thank the Almighty God for the opportunity to serve the Fox Hill Constituency as its Member of Parliament. Few people are afforded such an opportunity.  The people of the Fox Hill Constituency gave me the opportunity to speak for them and to work with them for the positive advancement of our communities, for this I am forever grateful.

To the pastors and spiritual leaders of the constituency who gave me spiritual strength and guidance thank you, the community leaders, Urban Renewal, the principals and staff of the constituency schools – all of whom realised that it takes a village, I say thank you.

To my office staff and the volunteers who were always willing, able and hard working I appreciate you and say thanks.

To my family and friends who were a tower of strength and support in all ways and in every way; you were the wind beneath my wings, I thank you and I love you all.

To my colleagues and members of the FNM, thank you for allowing me to represent my Fox Hill Constituency. 

I pray that God will continue to bless the Fox Hill community, the entire Fox Hill Constituency and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Shonel Ferguson, MBE. MP