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This was a post on the Facebook page of Candia Dames on Thursday 15 September.  We have criticised her in the past about her journalistic ethics or the lack thereof and her sense of what is appropriate.  We raised it first when she worked at the Bahama Journal and wrote a story in which she attacked the Government, viagra usa then under the PLP, best cialis for what she said was posting her brother Marvin now an FNM candidate to a “do nothing job” at the then Nassau International Airport.  There have been several other ethical lapses on her part.  She and her serial employers have ignored them all.  So here we go again.  It is entirely inappropriate and unethical for a reporter nay even a Managing Editor of a newspaper of record not a trashy heap like The Punch to appear at an FNM rally as a partisan and then to take pictures with her family at the FNM rally and post words which support the politics of her brother and her father and the FNM.  She can be whatever she likes.  Vote however she likes but a journalist is supposed in the public domain to have a neutral patina so that she can be trusted by all to whom she speaks that she will be fair and balanced.  If a politician and especially a PLP politician had been exposed in this kind of self-dealing behaviour, the Nassau Guardian would have called for that politician’s dismissal.  It seems to us that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.