Silly Is Ya Ma Candia Dames—She Should Be Fired

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Whatever are we going to do with this silly twit with sawdust for brains named Candia Dames?  Nothing works to change or alter her behaviour and her employers won’t relieve the country of her and put her out of misery.  In her latest rant in the Nassau Guardian she claimed that the PLP’s policy on immigration was silly and disingenuous.  So said in her piece called National Review which appeared on Thursday 14th December.  We say only this.  This is yet another example of a shameful conflict of interest and self-dealing story on her part.  Her brother Marvin Dames is the Minister for National Security and it was the Force under him that allowed the most shocking breach of our borders by sailing sloop going less than five miles per hour. Candia Dames is therefore disqualified from making any comment on these matters since she is an interested party. The Nassau Guardian should relieve her of her job and end the self-dealing.