Statement from the Leader of The Opposition On His Son’s Arrest

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Friday 10th November 2017

Statement by Hon. Philip ‘Brave’ Davis Q.C.

“Today my adult son and several other young men were charged before the courts for possession of a firearm. This is a very unfortunate event and is obviously causing my family considerable embarrassment and distress.

I have confidence in the professionalism of the officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and our judicial system.

As with any other citizen of the Bahamas, I would not expect my son to receive any special favour nor to be treated unfairly due to his relation to me.

I love my son and he has been admonished to distinguish between right and wrong, and I am satisfied that he knows the distinction.

At the end of the day, the chips will fall where they may. No one is above the law!

As a father, I will stand by and support my son and family during this ordeal.”

End –