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cialis generic prostate times;”>PLP saddened by untimely and tragic loss

best cialis times;”>Bradley Roberts

National Chairman

Progressive Liberal Party

capsule times;”> 

The entire PLP family as are many Bahamians and thousands around the world, shocked and saddened by the untimely death of Rev

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. Dr. Myles Munroe, his wife Ruth and seven others who perished in a plane crash on Sunday afternoon in Grand Bahama.


A giant of a man, a visionary leader, a man of God, a teacher and a patriot, Dr. Munroe died as he lived – building future leaders and building The Bahamas as he was on his way to Grand Bahama to officially open a global leadership conference.


As a business man and up to his untimely demise, Dr. Munroe played a significant role in building the religious tourism component of our product offerings and his choice of Freeport as the venue for the conference provided a much needed economic stimulus to that island. His nationalism and love of country knew no bounds.


On a personal note, I had the occasion to personally witness the vision of Dr. Munroe as I was part of a group of investors who sold him the property that is the current home of Bahamas Faith Ministries International. During our negotiations, the young Munroe, a recent graduate of Oral Roberts University, articulated his vision to build a city of faith just as his mentor Oral Roberts did in Tulsa Oklahoma. I knew at that first meeting that he was special and as fate was have it, he grew to become a leadership coach and spiritual teacher and advisor of world renown, counseling world leaders and lecturing to all from students to corporate leaders on the principles of leadership and faith.


The Bahamas and indeed the world are better places because of the indelible mark of Dr. Myles Munroe who also spoke with conviction on any number of policy issues of national import. He had no problem with disagreeing with the political leadership of the day or even demanding an apology from the same; as a result of his boldness and conviction, our democracy is strengthened and deepened. We thank him for the active role in played in the amendment of one of the constitutional bills on gender equality currently before parliament.


We corresponded quite frequently and in his last correspondence to me, he urged all Bahamians to pay their fair share of taxes and render to Caesar the things that are Caesar and render unto God the things that are God. Such was the measure of this man.


Why he was taken away from us so soon while he was in his prime and during arguably the most productive time of his life is beyond our understanding? Only God knows but it is our responsibility to give thanks to Almighty God in all things – including for the live of Myles and the many gifts he shared with us during his short earthly journey.


On behalf of the Progressive Liberal Party, my own behalf and my family, I express my profound condolences to the Munroe family and the families of the other seven souls who perished on that fateful flight.


May the souls of all the dearly departed rest in peace.