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18 May 2021

We learned today that one tenth or seven hundred of Atlantis’ workforce will be permanently laid off.

This is indeed sad news.

The Progressive Liberal Party stands with and supports these workers in the face of growing uncertainty and consternation surrounding the reopening of the country’s economy.

This government erred in its decision to suspend Section 28(c) of the Employment Act, essentially suspending and denying the rights of workers. Furloughed workers in excess of twelve weeks who desire redundancy should be made redundant with full compensation under the law. Further, time of service should continue during furloughs as there are financial impacts associated with this.

The Prime Minister and his Minister of Labour were wrong and unfair to eschew the views of labour leaders during this pandemic. Their policy decisions disproportionately benefitted and advantaged the employer when both sides, employers and employees, are important partners in this exercise.

The Director of Labour, who is a politician, should be busy doing his job to protect workers instead of campaigning in Fox Hill in the government’s red-plated vehicle. This is yet another failure of this government.

As external forces tend to greatly influence the international sector of our economy, the government must make every effort to buttress, support and sustain the domestic economy over which it has greater control.

The Progressive Liberal Party is always available and prepared to assist and support our country during these extraordinary set of circumstances.