Fred Mitchell’s Statement on Fox Hill Shooting

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viagra buy nurse times;”>12 September 2015  
At 4 p .m. 
Once again, I am forced to deplore the shooting of two innocent people on Fox Hill’s Freedom Park this afternoon at around three p m in broad daylight, with people around and with the shooter reportedly unmasked.  This is disgraceful and our people are tired of it.  I am appealing to citizens not to take the matter into their own hands and let the authorities deal with it.  At the same time, some answers must be provided to the community over this.  I am recommending that cameras be placed on the park and if necessary restrictions placed on public gathering if the authorities find it useful to put a stop to this.  
I am deeply concerned about the safety and security of our people. 

 A further statement was issued at 11 p. m. on Saturday 12th September  

At approximately 8 pm. on Saturday evening 12 September, I was informed by telephone that approximately ten shots were fired into buildings in and around the  Fox Hill parade and in proximity to the Jungle Club by a drive by shooter.  No one up to this hour has been apprehended in the matter.  This caused people to scramble.  No one was hit thankfully.  It is clear that something more intense must be done on the issue of enforcement and investigation and that the community must begin closer cooperation with the authorities sot get at what is behind this issue.  I urge all who can to help.