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Finance Minister Peter Turnquest has an interest in Sky Bahamas airline.  The Minister announced duty free importation of aircraft.  There are many complaints recently about Sky leaving some passengers stranded at various pick up points.  They seem to be only down to one plane and that cannot carry the load.  We need answers.

Posted on FB in Forward Onward

It has come to our attention that the FNM propaganda machine is offended that we posted the truth about the Party of Oban and its poster boy yesterday. We all remind the party of Oban that their propaganda and lies about the PLP have been debunked in this budget and furthermore as the weeks go buy it becomes more apparent how truly corrupt the FNM is.

They claimed that the PLP left the economy broke but their budget numbered determined; that was a lie.

They claimed the PLP stole VAT money and the budget determined; that was a lie.

In the case of the alleged $400 million in bills the PLP left behind their burrowing of $2.3 Billion in one fiscal year determined; that was a lie.

In the case of rooting out corruption it was discovered:

Tax cuts for Superwash
Tax cuts for Sky Bahamas
Tax cuts for car dealerships
Tax cuts for Bay Street
Spy Bill for political victimization
Alleged Witness tampering in the Frank Smith case. Minister Marvin Dames and Duane Sands have to answer questions.
Facilitating fraud of the Oban Deal and refusing to resign under the conventions of the Westminster system for misleading parliament.
Obstruction of justice in alleged bribery of Travis Robinson.

Psychology calls their actions projections as the FNM projected their pathology on the Progressive Liberal Party to win an election. People of the Bahamas are reminded that elections of consequences and the FNM in its first year are indeed the worst and most corrupt government this country has ever seen. #forwardonward #corruption #itsthepeoplestime #oban #justice #partyofoban