Montagu Fishermen Arrested

It is reported that by order direct of the competent authority, the Prime Minister, the men  at Montagu Ramp and their fish cleaners were arrested on Friday 14 August 2020 and taken to the Fox Hill police station.  Lawyers scrambled to get there.  They were later all released without charge.  Their offence selling fish at […]

Man Arrested For Talking Fool Over The Web

According to the web site Bahamas Press, the man in the picture has been arrested by the police on when after he was seen in a video posted on line on 21 December threatening to kill the police and brandishing a gun.  The language of the video was explicit and foul.  The police now have their man.  We […]

Bahamians Arrested in Belize

Kelvin Leach and Ryan Knowles, cialis generic treatment Bahamian citizens, are in the custody of the Belizean authorities following their arrest on Friday 12th September as they attempted to leave the country for The Bahamas.  They were arrested for alleged currency violations.  The charges are believed to be trumped up to stop them from leaving Belize […]