Bowe Aint Got The FNM Exuma Nomination

Bahamas New Ma Bey, the Facebook page which specializes in anti PLP propaganda ran a story from Navarro “Slugger” Bowe who is trying to get the FNM nomination for Exuma.  He hasn’t got it yet but they are putting lies from his press release on their site.  He claims no one showed up at the […]

Happy Images At Junkanoo By Athama Bowe

Businessman Een Colebrooke with Senator Jerome Gomez at Boxing Day Junkanoo in Nassau    “Genesis or what?” Asks Athama Bowe    Senator Keith Bell with his sister at Boxing Day Junkanoo     Speaker of the House Dr. Kendal Major with his wife at Boxing Day Junkanoo    The inimitable Irrington  “Minky” Isaacs, Deputy Chair of the […]


By Athama Bowe (photos and script It was amazing, that right under our eyes, one of the most talented and committed Nationalists and Nation Builders, passed on. Normally, such a distinguished person would have been widely known and his works, heralded… Once the inspiration of the Valley Clan, the one that blended, the great Thomas […]

Ethric Bowe Messin With Fred Mitchell Again

Obviously Ethric Bowe is a fellow who needs to find work to do in the day.  Spends all his time on Facebook it seems, viagra usa ed grumbling and complaining about something and usually in the form of a series of non sequiturs.  The latest we print below. This time and yes once again his […]

Ethric Bowe Talks About How Nasty The Hospital Smells

Princess Margaret should demand her name be removed from that hospital. That hospital looks and smells like a place to go to get sick and die. The Princess Margaret Hospital looks like a health risk to patients, viagra cialis sale employees and visitors. This is a disgrace in 2014. If a public patient needs an […]