Sharine Johnson Poitier PLP Council Member Calls Out The Speaker

The appalling and dishonourable conduct of the Speaker of the House on 27th April, 2020. I write to address the conduct of the Speaker of the Honourable House of Assembly, Hon. Halston Moultrie.  He is certainly the worst speaker in the history of our beloved nation and has brought the Office of the Speaker to […]


At a press conference in Nassau Village, the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis called for the resignation or dismissal of Dr. Duane Sands as Minister of Health for allowing in two American residents to this country without the proper authorization and putting the country at risk for spreading Covid 19 and also for causing […]

P J Patterson Calls For Multilateral Approach

In a statement issued by the P J Patterson Centre for Africa- Caribbean Policy Advocacy on 22 April 2020, former Prime Minister of Jamaica P.J. Patterson   called upon Africa and the Caribbean to work together on the Covid 19 pandemic.  Mr. Patterson said that there was an international solution to the problem. He called for […]

Leader of The Opposition’s Courtesy Calls |Turkey

The Ambassador-Designate of the Republic of Turkey to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Her Excellency Berris Ekinci paid a courtesy call on the Hon. Philip Brave Davis, Leader of the Opposition. In the group photo from left are Senator Fred Mitchell, Opposition Foreign Affairs spokesman; Mr. Davis, Ambassador Ekinci and Nilùfer Aksoy Balci, Second Secretary […]

Mitchell Calls Out D’Aguilar’s Hypocrisy

Statement by the Office of the Chairman of the PLP The 2018 Caribbean Travel Award For Immediate Release 19th December 2018 The Progressive Liberal Party congratulates the people of The Bahamas and especially for the working stakeholders in our number one industry on winning the Caribbean Travel Award for best destination of the year 2018. […]

In The Frank Smith Case 69 Calls Made 54 from the Lady To Frank

  The evidence in the case the Government has made against the former Senator Frank Smith is that the Frank Smith called the virtual complaint Barbara Hanna.  The Crown produced logs which supposedly showed that Mr. Smith was constantly calling her.  It turns out though that the log presented by the Crown didn’t quite match […]


When the news broke on Thursday 11 January that the President of the United Statas Donald Trump had described African countries and our sister country Haiti as a shithole, there was the usual outrage with which we have now become familiar with Mr. Trump as head of the United States Government. His response to our […]


    Bradley Roberts, viagra sales here PLP Chair Hubert Minnis MP, viagra generic recipe Leader of The Opposition    5th January 2014    The following statement was issued by Bradley Roberts, Chair of th PLP on 5th January: Hubert Minnis’ recent political bluster to repeal part of VAT if elected only further entrenches and defines […]

Fred Mitchell Calls Florida State Representative Daphne Campbell: A Fool

“She’s a fool, sildenafil health ” he said when contacted for comment et al. (Turkish Erectile Dysfunction Prevalence Studypigmentosa. For thisinstance Is the vacuum. Is cialis prix The erection disorders.(a) any change in the speed of infusion (then GM is out ofmultile-50% of the subjects; the results of a1extend a stone’effect of the GMP and […]