Inigo Zenicazalaya : A Bad Comic A Homophobe A Racist

The screenshot you see is taken from Facebook and we are only concerned with one comment, that of the first individual who we recognize as a columnist for The Tribune. The Tribune’s standards have fallen but we did not know how low. When Bennet Minnis described the Leader of the Opposition as a “black monkey”, […]

The Not So Funny Tribune Comic Is At It Again

He obviously needs to get a new job. There aint nothing funny about what he writes.  Why he calls himself a comic we will never know. Writes like a drudge is more like it.  What gets you with these anti PLP people who disguise themselves as objective observers is that they mount their arguments always […]

To Tribune Comic: Ya Ma Is An Idiot

( And it’s not very funny) The following piece appeared in The Tribune on 24 July purporting to be a funny commentary on the weekly news.   One of his targets, the Minister of Foreign Affairs who he called an idiot by resorting to Shakespeare.  We reply: “ ya ma is an idiot”.  The problem with […]