Mr. Two Passports Frankie Campbell Social Services Minister

Another one of the precious moments from the Budget Debate.  Frederick Macalpine did quite a good job in the debate and did quite a hatchet job on his colleagues in the FNM. So the  strategy of the FNM with Mr. Macalpine is to interrupt him at every turn with heckling and frivolous points of contention […]


We want to say that Frankie Campbell is a silly arrogant son of a (word that rhymes with rich) but out of deference and respect to motherhood we won’t.  However, Frankie Campbell, the Minister of Transport is proving to be a public policy terms a great disappointment. a twit and well just plainly an idiot. […]

Frankie Campbell Has Some Splaining To Do On Citizenship & Passports

Appearing on the Darold Miller Show Minister of Transport Frankie Campbell whose mother is Haitian indicated that he hold two passports. Now it could be that he means passports as in Diplomatic and Regular but many PLPs took it to mean that he holds both a Bahamian and Haitian passport. If it is the latter, […]