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We want to say that Frankie Campbell is a silly arrogant son of a (word that rhymes with rich) but out of deference and respect to motherhood we won’t.  However, Frankie Campbell, the Minister of Transport is proving to be a public policy terms a great disappointment. a twit and well just plainly an idiot. You would have thought that after the mix up about his citizenship, this is a fellow who would sit small but he has taken on the role of the protector of the Prime Minister and having two passports, and in that role he tried to advance the cause in the face of huge demonstrations on Bay Street when the House of Assembly last met on Thursday 14 June.

What a day that was.  Thousands of people on the streets protesting the imposition of new taxes on the population and  Frankie Campbell decides that he is the one who would come out to speak to the crowds.  The crowd were just not into him and showered him with water.  He retreated.  Then he came back again, this time against the advice of the police who thought that it as not safe to do so.  He was hit this time with more water and water bottle.  One man was arrested and taken away.  The man was not right to do what he is alleged to have done but the Minister gets what he deserves for acting the ass and putting his own safety at risk.

But that is not the part we really take issue with.  The next thing we know Frankie Campbell is on the television saying that the numbers on the march were nothing.  He dismissed the crowd.  He said that the FNM has a mandate to govern; they won 35 to 4 and with that mandate they intend to lead.  As far as the imposition of the tax is concerned, he said that the FNM was doing the right thing and they would plunge right ahead.

Well there is none so blind like those who cannot see.  The FNM has convinced themselves that the thousand who showed up on the march on Thursday last were all paid for by Sebass Bastian, the owner of the Island Luck Gaming Operation. What stupidity.  But they should be encouraged in their stupidity and blindness.  The point is you can stick a fork in them. They are like that turkey in the oven on Christmas Day, they’re done.  They’re the walking dead.  Frankie Campbell and all the other asses in the FNM are dead and don’t know it.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 16 June 2018 up to midnight: 160,372

Number of hits for the month of June up to Saturday 16 June 2018 up to midnight: 312,281

Number of hits for the year 2018 up to Saturday 16 June 2018 up midnight: 7,454,302

We wanted to say son of a …