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The Minister responsible for Gaming Dionysio D’Aguilar is one piece of work.  Here is a man who did nothing to get his wealth.  He inherited it from the hard work of his father.  He lives on cruise control, with a net worth at the last general election of 24 million dollars.  He hangs with the   Bay Street Boys as their pal, some would say their lap dog.  He certainly is thought of in political terms as the lap dog of Sarkis Ismerlian, the failed and bitter developer of the Bahamar project.  He did the man’s bidding and is still doing his bidding.  What we know from history though is that the overseers of the plantation are perhaps more cruel than the master.  So here we have this man, a mestizo who is most cruel.  He told the House in justifying the huge tax increase on the profits of the gaming houses that the tough taxes were reasonable to impose a famine upon the gaming operators.  The rationale has varied from that to the fact that gaming is a sin and should be taxed as such.  Of course he and Brent Symonette and Hubert Minnis all have shares in Commonwealth Brewery selling liquor and Commonwealth Brewery gets a tax pass.   Mr. D’ Aguilar’s actions and the policies of this government toward the Gaming Operators in racist and discriminatory. He sits on his 24 million dollar pile and is jealous of Sebass Bastian and Craig Flowers because a young black man is making all of that money, so he has to work for his bosses and ensure that Mr. Bastian is destroyed.  That’s the deal. What a shame.