Inigo Zenicazalaya : A Bad Comic A Homophobe A Racist

The screenshot you see is taken from Facebook and we are only concerned with one comment, that of the first individual who we recognize as a columnist for The Tribune. The Tribune’s standards have fallen but we did not know how low. When Bennet Minnis described the Leader of the Opposition as a “black monkey”, […]

Inigo “Naughty” Zenicazelaya In The Trib should Stick To Making Jokes

Inigo ‘Naughty’ Zenicazelaya, the comic and Tribune columnist, in his last column in The Tribune is upset because he claims that Senator Fred Michell when he spoke to the foreign press about the reasons why Dr, Duane Sands resigned was airing the dirty linen of the country in public and to outsiders. A word of […]