Berencia Isaacs, Wife of Court of Appeal Justice Dies

The wife of Justice of Appeal Jon Isaacs, Berencia Issacs died on 3 June 2020. She was reportedly 58 years old and had been suffering for some time. She was the daughter of noted Queen’s Counsel Bertram Maccauley, originally from Sierra Leone and a resident of Jamaica.  Mrs. Isaacs is survived by her husband Jon […]

Altamese Isaacs At The Grand Boy’s Wedding

Altamese Isaacs is the office administrator of the Fox Hill Constituency office. Her grandson Marvin Hanna married Christal Payne of Bermuda and with them are his buddy Nicholas Mitchell, the nephew of Fred Mitchell MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The wedding took place at Holy Spirit Anglican Church on 30th April.

Althea Huyler, Daughter Of The Late Dame Albertha Isaacs Dies

She was the oldest child of Dame Albertha Isaacs, sildenafil advice the former PLP Senator and activist.  The first child of four children born to Ned and Albertha Isaacs.  Her father Ned was the older brother of the late Sir Kendal G L Isaacs. She grew up in an activist tradition.  Her great grandfather on […]


The New Providence Women’s Branch of the PLP held its first meeting of the new year on 7th July. They invited Chair Emeritus Irrington “Minky” Isaacs to make a presentation on unity at the meeting. Mr. Issacs also spoke of his recollections of his mother and others being a part of the Women’s Branch. Elections […]