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The New Providence Women’s Branch of the PLP held its first meeting of the new year on 7th July. They invited Chair Emeritus Irrington “Minky” Isaacs to make a presentation on unity at the meeting. Mr. Issacs also spoke of his recollections of his mother and others being a part of the Women’s Branch. Elections of officers for the year 2014-2015 were held. The office holders are as follows:
Chair – Sherene Poitier-Johnson
1st Vice Chair – Laverne Archer-Crawley
2nd Vice Chair – Jeannie Minnis
Secretary – Nichola Sands
Asst. Secretary – Lillis Zonicle
Treasurer – Utha Butler
Asst. Treasurer – Iris Hudson
Chaplain – Ann Taylor

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. Dorothy Curtis
Sgt at Arms – Altamese Issacs
Asst Sgt – Deniece Sands
Public Relations – Sharon Coleby

Executive Officers:
Geralane Fisher
Deloris Knowles
Magnola Brown
Sharmie Austin
Pamela Johnson
Terry Alleyne – Asst Public Relations