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Message from The Hon. Philip Brave Davis MP
Leader of the PLP
To Party Supporters On The Reported Arrest Of Former MP Kenred Dorsett
13 July 2017
By Voice Note
Good morning
I wish to speak directly to members of the Progressive Liberal Party today on the reported arrest of our friend and colleague and former minister Kenred Dorsett.

You will wake up to screaming headlines and allegations, charges and counter charges. You will be exposed during the coming days to angry exchanges and slurs. Please do not be provoked. Please stand strong.

We pray for our friend and brother Ken, and his family this morning. We urge the authorities to ensure that justice is done in this case and that this is not some witch hunt, working a specific playbook, formed during an election campaign.
I wish you to bear in mind what I have just said.
You see when you look back at what the Free National Movement has done in all its previous terms in government, rather than concentrate on improving the economy and providing jobs for the country, they engage in victor’s justice and vengeance politics. They stop, review and cancel programmes left in place by the previous PLP government without any logical justification. They dismiss people at the bottom of the ladder from their employment with the government who are helpless and are unable to defend themselves. They utilise the power of the state to bring people before the courts and into police stations, with little to show and often engendering hatred that lasts for a life time.
I would have thought that they learned from their previous lessons. Alas the early signs are not good.

Over the past week, the PLP has sought to caution the new government to get to the work of governance.

Now we have this arrest. The Attorney General should only bring charges if there is cogent, probative evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, such evidence lawfully obtained without pressure, promise of advantage or threats. We await the disposition of our justice system in that regard.

What we know is that the Attorney General made a statement in the Senate proclaiming himself as a Minister of Justice; that nothing that he saw amounted to criminal matters. A few days later he resiled from that position following attacks from his own FNM partisans about his stand. This action must also be seen against the background of the Prime Minister himself announcing corruption allegations from the floor of the House and proclaiming quite extraordinarily his country as a cauldron of corruption at a recent international forum. Now we have the arrest of a former government minister. So are we dealing with a self-fulfilling prophecy?
This does not bode well.

I remind everyone that the conventions of our constitution are that each minister bears responsibility for their personal conduct in office. Mr. Dorsett understands that more than most, having been trained as a lawyer. He denies these allegations and promises to defend them vigorously. We are pledged to support him with the best counsel available. In our system, the crown must prove guilt. Mr. Dorsett has nothing to prove.
Further given all that has happened, is it possible to obtain a fair trial within this jurisdiction?

The problem here is win lose or draw, the state has now effectively working with our local press ruined a man’s reputation.
Let us pray for him and is family.

From time to time I will use this and other fora to keep you abreast.
Thank you all. Please spread this message to other PLPs. We must remain strong. We are not a corrupt organization. We do not support corruption in any form. The events now before us are designed to sap the will of PLPS and to destroy the party. I urge you to stand strong and with God’s help we will prevail.
God bless you all.
Bless the Progressive Liberal Party
God Bless the Commonwealth of The Bahamas


Ken Dorsett Head Of IRENA

05/29/16 12 AM

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Minister of the Environment and Housing, Hon. Kenred Dorsett, is presently in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates attending the 11th Council Meetings of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

IRENA is “an intergovernmental organization that supports countries in their transition to sustainable energy future, and serves as the principal platform for international cooperation, a centre of excellence, and a repository of policy, technology, resource and financial knowledge on renewable energy.” There are 147 member countries of IRENA. The Bahamas joined IRENA in 2014 to assist in the deployment of renewable energy sources in the country.

Today, at the 11 th Meeting of the Council, Minister Dorsett, was appointed as Chairman of the IRENA’s Council. The Council is comprised of 21 member countries who are elected in rotation. The Council ensures the equitable distribution of its work, the participation of developing and developed countries and reviews the draft budget and annual report among other things.

The Ministry congratulates the Minister on his appointment and looks forward to supporting him in his efforts as Chairman of the Council for the coming year.

Ken Dorsett Gives To The Young

12/20/15 10 AM

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viagra sales mind times;”>For Immediate Release
December 17th, 2015

Hon. Kenred M.A. Dorsett
Member of Parliament for Southern Shores

RE: Partial Scholarships Granted to Students of Anatol Rodgers

Two male graduates of Anatol Rodgers High School have been presented with partial scholarships to attend the College of The Bahamas. This is the fulfillment of a commitment that I made to principal Myrtle McPhee and the students of the school. I am gratified that I could help Kacey Duncombe and Octavio Obainyear, who are both pursuing degrees in Architecture. It is my hope to be able to continue this scholarship on a yearly basis to assist high performing students of the Anatol Rodgers High School in obtaining a tertiary level education.


From Minister Ken Dorsett In Paris

12/13/15 9 AM

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cialis times;”>Saturday 12 December

sick times;”>COP 21 in Paris has concluded a legally binding agreement for all, ramping up ambition and solidarity the need for action to avoid a 1.5 degree temperature rise. Today is a great day. The real work, that is, implementation now begins. The world celebrates the solidarity and political will displayed today to fight the adverse effects of climate change. ( From the Facebook page of the Minister)

The Formal Announcement On Climate Change 

12th December 

PARIS, FRANCE – Today, The Bahamas, along with the rest of the international community, welcomed the adoption of the Paris Agreement by the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). 

This historic agreement did not come easy, and I congratulate all those involved, including the President of the Conference of the Parties, Minister Fabius of France, the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, Msa Christiana Figueres, as well as The Bahamas team and the wider CARICOM region, the driving force behind the ambition of this balanced. 

The Bahamas welcomes the ambitious commitments in the Paris Agreement, including the aim to hold the increase in global average temperature to well below 2 degrees Celcius above pre-industrial levels, and also pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees. The shift of ambition towards 1.5 degrees marks the recognition that holding temperature rise to such levels is the only way to ensure the survival of our nation and people. 

Critically, the special needs of small island developing States (SIDS) is preserved in the agreement. References to Loss and Damage represent a work in progress and we have made great steps considering that the issue is a volatile one. The strong compliance language we sought has not been delivered but the future process does not abandon it; and with respect to Transparency, the provisions are very fair and will help The Bahamas in the process of implementation. 

All in all, the Paris Agreement is a major achievement, and brings us one step closer to achieving the future we want and the survival of our planet. The Bahamas looks forward to ratifying the agreement in due course.




09/27/15 1 PM

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pharmacy times;”>Minister for the Environment Ken Dorsett represented The Bahamas at the High Level Even on Implementing Sustainable Development Goal 7 on Energy.  Later he joined the discussion on the Small Island Developing States Lighthouses Initiative: Renewable Energy and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.


09/20/15 11 AM

viagra generic discount times;”>kenred
viagra times;”>Nassau, Bahamas 18 September – Hon. Kenred Dorsett Minister for The Environment and Housing responds to DEPP Draft Legislation Comments Made By Attorney Romauld Ferreira:

I note with interest the comments attributed to Attorney Romauld Ferreira in the local media, purporting to speak on behalf of the Save the Bays environmental group.
As all should be aware, my Ministry has drafted legislation to establish the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection (DEPP). The draft was released to stakeholders and the general public for commentary earlier this year. As part of this exercise the Save the Bays group along with others have submitted their formal comments to my ministry for consideration as we continue to finalize the draft. The Nature Conservancy, the Bahamas National Trust, BREEF, relevant Government agencies including the Ministry of Works, Ministry of Transport, the Office of the Attorney General, BEC, Water & Sewerage and others are all involved in the development of the legislation for the DEPP.
It can only be deduced that Mr. Ferreira was seeking public attention with his usual grandstanding knowing full well that consultation on this issue is ongoing. As a member of Save the Bays, he should also know that his organization has been engaged in this process and we thank them for their constructive input thus far. If Mr. Ferreira would like to make a meaningful contribution to this process he should submit his own comments to my Ministry as did other environmentalists and interested parties.
It is counter-productive at this stage to attempt to brow beat the Government having regard to the fact that the legislation is still in draft form. It is also counter-productive to regurgitate the words of a report sent to the Ministry of the Environment and Housing after a free and open request for comments was made and those comments and recommendations are being reviewed and considered.
I suggest that Mr. Ferreira save the grandstanding and become a productive part of this process to enhance the protection of the Bahamian environment. He and all interested Bahamians have been invited to do so and that invitation remains.
Once again, he is free to formally submit his own comments on the proposed legislation to my Ministry. I believe in the development of a participatory democracy and I remain a consensus builder. The legislation we are drafting is far too important to not include the views of those who are interested in seeing it come to fruition. I have stressed that when I began this process and remain committed to that premise.



09/07/14 1 PM


ken_enviromentBahamas Information Services

APIA, viagra sales ailment Samoa – The Bahamas’ signing onto SIDS DOCK here at the United Nation’s Third International Small Island Developing States Conference was “monumental” as it will not only allow the country make the transformation from fossil fuel-based energy generation to renewable energy, viagra sale but also provide access to funding that would allow for the investment in, and deployment of, renewable energy technologies throughout the Commonwealth – particularly photovoltaic systems and solar water heaters.

The latter is “extremely, extremely” important for archipelagic island-nations such as The Bahamas, which has to provide energy over a large swath. Making the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy will also have the long-term benefit of reducing not only the effects of Climate Change in The Bahamas, but also the cost of energy, while also reducing the country’s Carbon Footprint.
SIDS DOCK, in a nutshell, is a Treaty designed to help finance the transformation of the energy sectors of small island developing states in order to achieve a 25 per cent increase in energy efficiency; generation of a minimum of 50 per cent of electric power from renewable energy resources; and a 25 per cent decrease in conventional transportation fuel use in order to significantly increase financial resources to enable Climate Change adaptation.

Minister of the Environment and Housing, the Hon. Kenred Dorsett said data indicates that persons who have switched to solar water heaters, for example, have registered savings in their energy bills of between 15-30 per cent.

“Bahamians do not realize how much electricity is used to create hot water in their homes and the installation of solar water heaters can provide them with cost savings (as) data indicates that persons who have switched to solar water heaters have registered savings in their energy bills from between 15-30 per cent and so we will be utilizing funds (derived from being a Signatory to the SIDS DOCK) to focus on the deployment of renewable energy technologies – particularly solar – throughout The Bahamas.”

Mr. Dorsett said SIDS DOCK has already been “very helpful” to small island developing states such as The Bahamas in terms of creating new frameworks and policies to advance the renewable energy agendas.

The Bahamas has adopted a National Energy Policy, which includes the introduction of renewable energy goals of at least 30 per cent of energy generation by way of renewable technologies by the year 2030.