Hope Strachan To Lawyers Open The Closed Shop

Hope Strachan, Minister for Financial Services Well Hope Strachan, the Minister for Financial Services threw down the gauntlet to the Bar Association about an alleged cartel or closed shop that they run here where it does not allow foreign lawyers to practice in The Bahamas by opening their own  law firms here.  Here is what […]

Web Shop Law Brings Sebas To Tears

Sebas Bastian is feeling very pleased with himself after having navigated the thicket of borderline legality and survived to see his business now become a full scale legal activity.  As a result of the PLP, Bahamians can gamble for the first time legally.  The numbers business is now legal.  The regime is overly complicated and […]


The names of the Board members of the company Island Luck, soon to go public, in preparation for legalized gambling for Bahamians were posted on Facebook as follows: Barry Malcolm – Former President of Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce; Alfred Sears – Legal Advisor; Theresa M J. Urol. 159: 1390-1393° muscle PainKey words: Gestational diabetes; […]