The $15 Turkey Burger

Can you believe that this is a turkey burger that you get from a café in the Harbour Bay Shopping Centre for $14.99?  This is not value for money. Compare and contrast to a 14 dollar dinner at the Parliament Street Restaurant or from checkers for 10.99.  Not even fries or a salad. That’s what […]

Leader of The Opposition’s Courtesy Calls |Turkey

The Ambassador-Designate of the Republic of Turkey to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Her Excellency Berris Ekinci paid a courtesy call on the Hon. Philip Brave Davis, Leader of the Opposition. In the group photo from left are Senator Fred Mitchell, Opposition Foreign Affairs spokesman; Mr. Davis, Ambassador Ekinci and Nilùfer Aksoy Balci, Second Secretary […]

Fred Mitchell In Turkey With Deputy Defence Minister

The photo shows Fred Mitchell MP with  former Bahamas Honorary Consul Hasan Yard?mc? and now Deputy Defence Minister of Turkey and his son Turhan Yardimci who is to become Bahamas Honorary Consul. The meeting took place on Sunday 20th July in Istanbul.  There was a discussion about how The Bahamas can expand its commercial interest […]

The Bahamian Delegation In Turkey

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