Marvin Dames, the Minister of National Security, showed what a twit he really is and how unfit he is for office, by joining the FNM trolls on Facebook, in seeking to ridicule Philip Brave Davis for his suggestion that the state ought to distribute whiles to women as a means of raising the alarm when […]

THE TWIT SHONEL WHO REPRESENTS FOX HILL (Her Business stuff thrown out in the road)

The MP for Fox Hill Shonel Ferguson continues to be an embarrassment to the people of Fox Hill.  First, she couldn’t get the people at the community centre paid.  Now the Government plans to fire all the staff at the Centre and say they will rehire them in February.  Then she herself can’t keep herself […]

That Twit Lanisha Rolle Finally Honours Shaunae Miller Uibo

We cannot bring ourselves to put the picture of that woman Lanisha Rolle. Minister of Sports, on this site in a position of honour, she is such a twit. After singlehandedly wrecking the Social Services Ministry, her good friend Prime Minister Hubert Minnis instead of firing her and sending her to the backbenches chose to […]