That Twit Lanisha Rolle Finally Honours Shaunae Miller Uibo

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We cannot bring ourselves to put the picture of that woman Lanisha Rolle. Minister of Sports, on this site in a position of honour, she is such a twit. After singlehandedly wrecking the Social Services Ministry, her good friend Prime Minister Hubert Minnis instead of firing her and sending her to the backbenches chose to loose her on the sports and cultural community. Failure number one was to not meet Shaunae Miller Uibo at the airport when she returned home from her successful runs in the Grand Prix Diamond League Athletic series.  Everyone else was there but Lanisha Rolle, the Minister. So, they tried to make it up by putting together an event at the Ministry of Sports but that did not make up for it. However there was a bright spot, the pair who work together Julian Believe, singer, and Jamal Rolle, painter,  showed up and presented song and a portrait to the lovely lady. That we support.