Now We Lose Audrey Wright At 68 Years Of Age

Audrey Wright, sister of the cultural icon Patricia Bazard who just died a few months ago, has now herself gone on.  She was 68 and victim of the ubiquitous cancer disease.  Mrs. Wright is survived by her children and her spouse former Ambassador Carlton Wright. She was a musician and choir director and a cultural […]

George Wilson Pays Tribute To Bryan Wright

Fifty years ago…when I was 20, and Bryan was 22…the murder count in the Bahamas for two years was perhaps around 10.   We were not breaking into people’s homes at night while they were sleeping.  Residents of this “used to be” Paradise were able to take evening strolls down our dark streets…(we didn’t have too […]

Marvin Wright writes defending Michelle Reckly

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Marvin Wright writes defending Michelle Reckly from an attack in the press by the Whistle Blower: Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your daily to respond to a letter that was published in the Tribune newspaper on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, titled “Grand Bahamians are fed up with Michelle Reckley […]