That Twit Called Marvin Dames

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At one time we really felt sorry for Marvin Dames when Ellison Greenslade bested him for Commissioner of Police.  There were all sorts of things hurled against him.  He was not a PLP.  Funny things about his personal habits. His sister Candia Dames worked at a newspaper and she wrote a story which she shouldn’t have complaining that the PLP had sent him to the Airport with nothing to do, even though he had been promoted to Assistant Commissioner of Police. He left the Force.  His FNM boys couldn’t make him Commissioner. He got a cushy job with Sarkis Ismerlian as Security Chief.  Unfortunately things did not go well there. The developer of the Bahamar Project of Mr. Ismerlian was in over his head and the project went belly up.  The last refuge of a scoundrel then is often politics.  So he made his exit.  Given that his sister was FNM and all the propaganda around him including being supported by the UBP during his career in the Force, it should have been no surprise that he turned out to be UBP after all and joined the FNM.  He of course sees no ethical problems with any of this.  Today, he is Mr. Greenslade’s boss and Minister of National Security.  Unfortunately his trials and tribulations have not taught him a damn thing.  He appears to be as cold as ice and is willing to defend the illegitimacies of this FNM regime in the face of common decency.  Nothing demonstrated that more than when he sought to defend the nonsense in which the FNM was engaged last week with regard to Ken Dorsett. More importantly he gives evidence and support to the assertion of the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis that this is all being politically directed.  His non denial denial to The Tribune was astoundingly inept and self-serving.  He admitted that he sat in Cabinet agreed to let the police loose on the former Minister of the Government.  This is some preordained script.   Meanwhile, his constituents in Mt Moriah are asking: where the hell are the jobs you promised? In Mr. Moriah, they don’t give a sugar honey ice tea about anti-corruption legislation.  Where are the jobs? Here is what he told The Tribune in his own words.  Shame on him!  No wonder he’s not Commissioner of Police.

“There were a lot of people who were suggesting different pathways to investigating stuff like (corruption),” he said. “One was a Commission of Inquiry. I’m not a big fan of commissions of inquiries because I personally think they are a waste of money. They produce good sideshows, but that’s the most. At the end of the day what do you have, a lot of interesting stories that will give you guys a bunch of news and headlines, but at the end of the day there’s no accountability. We said as a government that we have laws on the books that can address issues where public figures go awry of the law. We suggested and recommended that the police be allowed do their work. Very shortly though we will be coming with legislation that will cause an autonomous anti-corruption agency to be established. While we wait the introduction of such a Bill, we felt strongly that we have laws that could deal with these issues in the interim.”

–The Tribune 14 July 2017