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Description: Andre Rollins speaks in the House of Assembly.

generic cialis times, generic viagra serif;”>After this note was sent to the press on 1 August, in which he said he would not run as an FNM in the House, Andre Rollins MP did not show up to the House on 3rd August. Here is what he said in his own words:

“I stand by my decision to join my parliamentary colleagues in calling for an early convention and I take full responsibility for my actions. However, I will not take responsibility for the decision of others to undermine the party’s leader, and by extension the party, by releasing a blistering letter to the Council, enumerating the perceived deficiencies and failings of Dr Minnis.

“I was never consulted about the letter, never signed the letter and did not know about it until I heard the letter being read on a local talk show. I decided then that if Mrs Butler-Turner, who was responsible for the letter, was going to be unethical that I would allow her to suffer her own political demise.

“I proceeded to make inquiries to others about why my name was included on a letter that I knew nothing about and had not made any contribution to. I subsequently received an apology – written and verbal – from Mrs Loretta Butler-Turner, whom I suspected was intending to once again run for the party’s leadership.

“However, still privately upset by the lack of respect shown to me, I decided that the best way to respond to her unethical act was to allow her to suffer her own political demise. If she wanted to make her bed hard, then I would get out of her way so that she could lie down in it.

“Those who assisted Mrs Butler-Turner in drafting the letter were clearly executing a scorched earth strategy intended to benefit her ensuing campaign, by wreaking so much havoc that it would be highly unlikely the delegates of the convention would re-elect Dr Minnis as the party’s leader.

“Clearly, it had the exact opposite effect, because the only beneficiary of this misguided political strategy is the PLP, who have been generously supplied with an unlimited amount of ammunition to use against the FNM during the upcoming campaign.”

“I question why the five MPs who had no confidence in Dr Minnis would insist on receiving a nomination to run for the party under that same leader knowing that their presence during the campaign will serve as a constant reminder of the damning contents of the scathing letter that they authored.

“This recklessness was compounded on Friday past when Mrs Butler-Turner boldly accused Dr Minnis of spearheading a convention filled with corruption and criminality.

“To my mind, her pursuit of a nomination under Dr Minnis, following such egregious actions, is both illogical and unacceptable. Endorsing them would amount to political malpractice of the worst kind.

“The party will now have to work a miracle to convince the electorate that the FNM is unified and worthy of their confidence.”