The Back And Forth Between McCartney and Butler

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Hubert Minnis, the Leader of the FNM, says that there might still be a chance for FNM unity but he told the Guardian on Saturday 11 February that he is concentrating on winning the next election.  In that enterprise, he went down to Long Island last week to introduce Adrian Gibson his candidate to the people there.  He told them that Loretta Butler Turner does not own Long Island.   The issue of unity came up because Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister, is said to be working behind he scenes to try and meld the coalition back together again, saying that if Alfred Sears who ran against Perry Christie could get along with Mr.  Christie then the FNM can get together. The problem is that the FNMs hate each other.  Richard Lightbourn MP for Montagu for example said that never in this life would he join back with Hubert Minnis.  He told that to the Tribune on 7 February.   Then you have a litany of harsh words said by Dr Minnis himself, describing those who removed him as Leader of the Opposition as rebels and cancerous.   Move quickly then to the Branville McCartney and Loretta Butler Turner saga.  They are supposed to be partners in Opposition, with her choosing him to be Leader in the Senate for her.  She told the NB 12 News on Thursday 9 February that he threw her under the bus.  He came back and said no he didn’t, but there was never any deal for them to work together.   So that seems like that split is open as well.  Point is Mr. McCartney is losing credibility every day.  What did he take the job for?  Looks like all he wants to do is hold on to a position with a title.  It comes off as craven and self-serving.   So where does that leave a united opposition?  Well if Dr. Minnis wants to unite, Adrian Gibson will have to be withdrawn from Long Island and Loretta Butler Turner will have to get the nomination again. Do you think that can happen?  That’s just for starters.  He will also have to find some place for Dionysio D’Aguilar who is running for the hills now that Montagu is not what he thought it would be now renamed Freetown.  So we watch and wait for unity.  In the meantime, the PLP must work and work.  This will be a tough election.