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Baroness Patricia Scotland is a member of the House of Lords, appointed as Attorney General by the former Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom.  That we believe is her original sin.  So the Government of Boris Johnson has been busy as bees seeking to remove her from the day that she first obtained the office as Secretary General of the Commonwealth .  One rumour and lie after the next in their relentless and unprincipled, money driven British tabloid press.  They were unable to get a  candidate to stick, after her Kenyan spoiler that agreed to step in could not muster a fight.  Now they have found unfortunately a Caricom candidate in Jamaica.  This has caused a bitter division in Caricom.  There should be an honest broker in the matter and that should be the Chair of  the Commonwealth Conference.  The next up as Chair is the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame. But the British have just announced that in exchange for 122 million pounds,(we repeat 122 million pounds) Rwanda will take in all the people trying to break Britain’s borders as  refugees from  Ukraine and be processed in far away Rwanda. My my.  No further comment.