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Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, came out from out of the shadows and in a Tweet announced that Kamina Johnson Smith, the Jamaican Foreign Minister, is their candidate to unseat Baroness Patricia Scotland. the Labour Peer who is now the Secretary General of the Commonwealth. She has done a  first class job in what was a moribund organization before she got there, and especially she has been a voice for the small developing states of the Commonwealth.  That is the source of the irritation of the British.

All along it was simply a whisper campaign.  The Jamaicans were asked by the other Caricom countries why they were putting themselves in the position of beings seen as stooges of the British.  The Jamaicans were righteously indignant.  Now the cover is blown,  Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister  says that he supports Kamina.  He has been making calls and deals with this country or that country, laced with money and promises.  It remains to be seen what Jamaica is going to get for making this attempt at an end run  for Secretary General.

The Caricom countries have not been strong.  All of the leftists that run their countries suddenly cannot see that the British are nakedly trying to  hold on to the Commonwealth as the substitute for their silly decision to leave the European Union and to recreate their dreams of empire.

So you have the Caricom leaders banging on the table  against the British in public but speaking with forked tongue behind closed doors.  Notoriously the Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holeness was rude to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their visit to Jamaica telling them to their faces that Jamaica was moving on in his words. 

Privately, he said has no intention of doing so but was mamaguying for the public under pressure from the Jamaican Opposition PNP.

So the  back chat is that his  Foreign Minister of Jamaica is manifestly unpopular in her party at home.  Her Prime Minister wanted her to become the Chair  of the party but not even the women’s groups in the party would have it.  So the consolation prize was to accept British blandishments and then run against the Labour Peer Baroness Scotland.

Every male candidate before has had two terms.  Now for the first time, you have a woman and suddenly she cannot finish her term for what the British and their  chums describe as issues. Problem is the issues amount to nothing. This is very sad that this has happened. The great losers will the Caricom countries who now have the reputation of being unable to get together and are hopelessly divided and the division has been