The British Show The World How Silly They Are

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sildenafil times, buy viagra serif;”>The Bahamas Foreign Ministry issued a statement on 24th June in which it responded to the vote by the British to leave the European Union.  The vote  was a stupid act by the British.  It was dumb.  It was foolish and no amount of talking about democracy can cover that fact up.  It is similar to the stupidity of the act by Bahamian voters with regard to the  referendum in this country.  It was simply foolish.  Now they say that the British voters are seeking to backtrack but too late.  A little country, with hardly any resources,  Britain is much better off in a bigger group than alone in the world. It will take two years for them to disengage.  The British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he was gone. The loony toons in the Bahamas started calling afresh for the  resignation of Prime Minister Perry Christie saying that is what should happen in The Bahamas after the failed referendum here.  Not.   The British economy is now on a rocky road .  The Americans tried to calm the atmosphere by saying that the special relationship will remain.  But how can it?  Britain is simply not an important player anymore. They have reduced themselves down to two bits.   Pity.  But that’s democracy they say.