The Case For Unrebuildables

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viagra buy prescription times;”>There are always unintended consequences of any policy.  One of them seems to be the decision that so called “”unrebuildables” will not be allowed to be brought into the country after September.  This has caused a great deal of concern amongst  the working class young black men in the country who make a living importing salvaged vehicles from America and selling them to people who would  not ordinarily be able to afford a vehicle.  Leslie Miller MP for Tall Pines has been on a crusade to ban these vehicles because they are suspected in the deaths of many a person on the road because the cars are inherently unsafe.  They are vehicles which have been issued  a destruction certificate as a opposed to salvaged vehicles so we are advised.  The FNM  propagandists involved in the matter have said that the PLP is once again attacking its base, decease poor black men with this policy.  They have been leading a campaign in the press.  However, the public policy behind it is really to protect the public  from unsafe vehicles.  With all these things though, all politics is local so the PLP is best advised to revisit the issue to make sure that it is on all fours with its supporters on this and if not that there is a complete understanding of what the policy is and means.  The argument is that young Black males in the underbelly of the country are mechanics and body men and they in the main support the PLP and if we are taking away their livelihood it is yet another nail in the PLP’s coffin politically if they are not sensitive to it.