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So it was only a secret of the ruling class, the cleavage in the Free National Movement when it comes to Hubert Minnis on the one side and Hubert Ingraham on the other.  The political class knew that this was not a very good marriage and that well quite frankly it was on the rocks.  The first sign was shortly after the general election the Prime Minister incoming Philip Davis received a message directed by friends of the former Prime Minister that he the new Prime Minister should investigate the Member of Parliament for St Barnabas one Shannondon Cartwright.  This message came just after Mr. Cartwright announced that he might be seeking leadership of the FNM.  The messenger said that the former Prime Minister had promised to do so himself. That is the report which came to us but that report was not verifiable so we said nothing in this space.  Now it has been confirmed in the public space through the Prime Minister Philip Davis who said that yes he did receive such a message. Dr. Minnis came back with phony outrage to say that  if we keep pushing him, we guh know. Why don’t we keep pushing him and find out?