The Cay Mills Issue At Abaco Airport

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Some people have become concerned that Cay Mills, who is seeking the FNM Nomination to contest the North Abaco seat (he lost it to former Defence Force Officer Darren Henfield), is creating havoc at the Leonard Thompson International Airport in Marsh Harbour.  When passengers land, he is often seen at the airport with his camera phone and comes up to people interrogating them on camera and later reporting in a rough tone and style on the web.  It should be remembered that the airport in Marsh Harbour is private property and all who come there are invitees.  That means that the Airport Authority who owns the airport can withdraw at any time and at will the licence which they have given to people to come to the airport if they abuse the licence which they have been given.  A word to the wise is sufficient.  It should also to be remembered that when you tape someone that you have to have their permission, if it is not in a public place (and that too may be subject to restrictions) to use those images for purposes other than what they wish.  That too can be restrained by court order, if the individual whose picture you use without permission so desires.