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best viagra sovaldi sale times;”>Bradley Roberts, viagra usa sickness Chairman of the PLP, says that the FNM does not have a crime plan and they must stop saying what they are against and say what they are for.  He issued a statement in support of the PLP’s crime initiatives:

“The policies enunciated though tough, are necessary because they are designed to address the root causes of crime and effect social re-engineering which is a significant and critical strategic component in the long term and permanent solution to crime,” Mr Roberts said.

 “The collective opposition responded in a manner consistent with their limited skill set: unable to compete with the PLP on sensible and salient policy issues, the opposition simply created clutter, noise and obfuscation in the public domain. 

 “By doing so, the FNM and DNA have shown contempt for the Bahamian people and our way of life because the government’s anti-crime policies are intended to improve the quality of life for all Bahamians as we work together to build a stronger, more prosperous and safer Bahamas. 

 “Specifically, saturation patrols, Shock Treatment; school-based policing; prison reform, Urban Renewal 2.0 … our strong and successful Trafficking in Persons (TIPS) initiative; Marco’s Law; the sex offender registry; the anti-gang initiative and supporting legislation; all amendments to the Penal Code; the Swift Justice initiative; the marine and canine units of the Customs Department; the rapid expansion of the uniform branches to put ‘more boots on the ground’ and the expansion of the physical infrastructure of the police and defence forces to better fight crime are all applauded by the PLP and must continue.”