The Christie Era Ends

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It seems to us that there are two takeaways from the two weeks of conflict with the Free National Movement administration over the actions of the Speaker of the House of Assembly.  First is that the party saw that Philip Brave Davis is now in command of the party and the former Leader did not need to come to his aid nor was he called to his aid nor did he feel the need to volunteer his aid.  He quietly supported and properly so from the background. Mr. Davis therefore came into his own as in command of the PLP.  The second takeaway is that the country saw that the PLP is still a substantial force despite the defeat and that you can still look to the PLP as the alternative to the Government.  We told you so when Fred Mitchell repeated the words of Mark Twain shortly after the general election to the denunciations of the adoring FNM media press: “ reports of our death are greatly exaggerated.”