The Court Of Appeal Gets It Wrong On Bruno Rufa

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Once again The Bahamas must suffer the decision of Judges in place of that of the Director of Immigration as to whether or not someone is a fit and proper person to be in The Bahamas and the circumstances under which they can be removed from The Bahamas.  The Court of Appeal in the case of man named Bruno Rufa now says that the Director of Immigration does not have the right to terminate the stay of a tourist in The Bahamas at will.  This is clearly wrong in law.  The Government is slunking on this matter, both by capitulating on the ruling by Justice Greg Hilton that you must take illegal immigrants to court before you can remove them from the Bahamas and now this ruling by the Court of Appeal.  The PLP issued the following statement:

From The office Of Chairman of The PLP

Opposition Spokesman On Immigration

For Immediate Release

On The Court of Appeal’s Ruling on the Rufa Case

The decision of the Court of Appeal on the Bruno Rufa case is disappointing.

We believe it is wrong in law and the matter should be appealed to the Privy Council.

We believe that if this is confirmed to be the law it should be reversed by statute.

We continue to believe that Bruno Rufa was rightly excluded from the Bahamas at the time the decision was made by the Director of Immigration.