The Expo 2020 At College Of The Bahamas

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Dubai Expo 2020 has allocated 100 million euros in the form of grants to fund participants from all over the world especially the residents of those countries that are involved in show casing their pavilions. The Bahamas is involved, cialis sale and has already established a national committee from various ministries including members from the private sector.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already engaged architectural, cialis generic art and culinary students from COB to come up with a theme and a design that will reflect the image of the Bahamas in 2020 and beyond.

Along with the design of the pavilion , the expo organizers are running a parallel program called
Expo live which is made available for young participant to share their ideas and/or their inventions as it relates to the theme of the expo ” Connecting minds, Creating the future”, with sub-themes of : Opportunity , Mobility, and Sustainability.

Based on the above individuals can fill the application provided on line through the ministry of foreign affairs and answer 9 questions as it relates to their ideas.

Once they are vetted, a short list will be created and another submission will be required before the final decision is made.
Prizes vary from 50,000 euros to 2 million euros and the winners will have the opportunity to showcase their ideas/and or their inventions at the expo thus providing them with exposure to 25 million visitors from all over the world.
Michael Diggis, a well-known local architect who is working with Ambassador Tony Joudi