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They have this Messianic zeal that they have come to office with.  They have won this historic victory (so they say).  They have vanquished the great PLP and relegated them to four seats.  O wow, what a great accomplishment. Yeah right.

With respect that is sugar honey ice tea.

The FNM’s campaign was built on lies and deceit.  The fundamental equation of deceit was this: all that is good in the world is FNM.  All that is bad in the world is PLP.  That cannot be.  It was a lie.

However, with a population that is fixated by rumours, juiced by the monies from Bacon, Smith and Ismerlian and their slaves. No wonder no one could know the truth.  One after the other, they were lining up to get money to vote from across the country.  The money bag was everywhere.  This election is perhaps the most corrupt in the history of the country.

The Government that we have today will be without doubt the most corrupt in its history. Just watch and see. We know the cast of characters.  They cannot help themselves.  It has started already.

What is pathetic is this pretend show they have where they will waste the public funds by having what they call a forensic audit.  Forensic audit for what. They probably have one of their hot shot accounting friends lined up now to go do a hatchet job on some poor sod who had nothing to do with anything.

This is the FNM’s way.  Stop! Review and Cancel

Here we go again.

When you listened to the Speech from the Throne, you could hardly believe this was the same FNM that was saying everything that the PLP did was wrong.  What no changes to VAT? What no scrapping National Health Insurance? What you are actually going to continue upgrading the Treasury and Customs.

What a joke it all was, except that it is serious.  We are in this purgatory because of the lies of the FNM and the duplicity of voters.

What a tragedy.

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