The FNM Policy On Gambling Is Racist

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Web shop owner Sebas Bastian


Web shop owner Craig Flowers

It was interesting this week to hear Quinton Laroda, the Union executive, speak in the presence of Peter Turnquest about the new taxes being imposed on the gaming sector.  He said that he thought that it was discriminatory in that Dionysio Aguilar’s wash houses were able to get concessions to bring in washing machines but there is a tax which is targeting a sector which was built up by Black businessmen.  He said that he thought it was unfair.  We go further and say it is more than unfair, kit is racist.  The FNM has shown its true colours: one rule for the black businessman and another for the Bay Street Boys.  They have targeting gaming which is largely Black owned business.  They have targeted the used car businesses by wiping off the duty on new small cars, clearly to dissuade people from buying cars from the small Black businessman who is hustling to make a dollar by selling used cars.  That’s the FNM for you. When asked about whether this was discrimination, Deputy Prime Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest speaking at his press conference on 31st May said that the last time he looked in the mirror he was Black.  Things that make you go hmmmm!  The lawyers for the Gaming Association Sears and Co have written a letter seeking resolution and you may click here for the full letter.