The FNM Supports Oil Drilling Says PLP Chair

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The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the PLP in answer to the attacks by the FNM on the PLP about oil drilling. You know the usual : Blame the PLP.

6 January 2021

The recent comments by Works Minister Bannister on oil drilling during a talk show guest appearance were duplicitous, disgraceful and intellectually dishonest because like his boss, he sought to repudiate, flip flop on and deflect from the policy position of the FNM Cabinet.

The FNM government cannot get away with blaming the Opposition for their actions. They are the government and must man up and own up to their decisions, plain and simple.

The public confusion they continue to cause with their wanton duplicity, lack of clarity and double speak is continuously eroding public confidence.

We say again that Philip Davis is not the issue; the FNM and the handling of their policies are the issues and the sources of much public confusion and contempt.

The government’s explanation on oil drilling is totally unacceptable. This government managed to cancel a post office deal, a deal to build a hospital in Grand Bahama, three contracts to build three clinics in Cat Island and a contract to build a clinic in San Salvador. 

The burden is on them to bring clarity to their policies and they seem unable to do so.

Further, this crew opposed VAT only to flip flop on this policy and increase it by sixty percent. They opposed legalizing web shop gaming only to flip flop again and increase taxes on that industry. The public cannot trust anything this government says. They are simply incompetent, dishonest, and lack credibility.